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Shrew can be seen regularly in Los Angeles at a variety of venues. Every show is unique! Any of Shakespeare's themes may come into play.  Love, magicromance, histories, even tragedy. Regardless of where the story takes us, every show is comedic, playful, witty, full of mischief and fun.  


We specialize in educational shows and workshops! Looking for a fun introduction to Shakespeare? Drama club improv intensive? We can create a program to fit your needs!

Shrew is on the move. We love performing and teaching for a wide variety of festivals and venues, let us work with you to create a tour.

All of our members are also professional teachers. We can customize a workshop As You Like It...see what we did there?



Wineries & Events

We do special events!  Add a Shrew performance to your wine tasting, club event, party, festival or carnival!

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